Episode 99 - Belgium (Pt. 2)

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We are headed to Belgium for a second time on this podcast! Our guest today is Rachel Smets, who we are lucky enough to have on for 2 episodes! The first part of my interview with Rachel is about Belgium.

To give some background on Rachel, she is an expat coach, bestselling author, 2x TEDx speaker, professor, and Cultural Trainer.

In her work, Rachel is dedicated to helping dynamic single expats who feel overwhelmed or homesick to gain clarity, plan the next steps and build a social network so that they can feel energized and truly enjoy their new home abroad.

She has been living and working abroad in various countries, for many years and has learned to turn every challenge into a new opportunity. Through her experience abroad, she developed a passion for languages and cultural diversity. Rachel provides workshops in various international companies to increase their cultural competence in doing business with other cultures.

Her bestseller ‘’Living abroad Successfully’’ is a complete and practical guide from deciding to live abroad to enjoying a successful stay abroad.

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TEDx Talks: Your Next Step and Stop Comparing. Be the Best YOU.

Books: Living Abroad Successfully: What Where, When, How and Awaken Your Confidence 


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