Being an Expat is not easy

You get an offer from your job to work in a new country. Great! You've never really lived abroad before (aside from maybe a short study abroad program) and you're really excited about the move. You do some research, learn basic language skills, and read up a bit on the culture.

Then you get there. And nothing is like your expectations. At first, you attribute it to culture shock. But after some time, you notice that your excitement has worn off and has turned into anxiety. The work culture is different. The logistics are different. The people are much different.

You're having trouble making friends. You start to feel lonely. You start to feel homesick. You start to feel like an outsider. The thought of a new life in a new country once brought you excitement, but now brings you anxiety. The comforts of home draw you in like the song of the siren.

You dream consistently about loving your life in your new country. You dream about turning your unfamiliar environment into a familiar one in which you not only survive but thrive. You dream about having amazing friends with whom you can do fun activities and share great experiences. You dream about feeling like you fit in without relinquishing your existing identity. You dream about ditching that nagging feeling of homesickness.

My name is Rohith Amruthur, and I'm the Co-Founder of The Lost Geographer. If you can relate to the situation above, I created my Signature Cross-Cultural Consulting just for you. As a geography and culture expert, I have deep knowledge of many cultures across the world. This has come from research as well as interviewing and meeting people I come across from different backgrounds both at home and abroad. I myself have spent time living abroad, and it was not a part of any work placement or study abroad program. Nope. I was all by myself and had to learn things the hard way. I know how tough it can be, and I want to save you the frustration and pain of figuring it out on your own. I have also helped plenty of expats just like you overcome the initial hurdles of expatriating to create a life they love in their new country.

Using a proven Three-Step Method, I work with you to go from your current situation in your new country to living a life you only dreamed of. The Method is personalized to your specific situation and goals, and I will guide you through every step to make sure you are not just satisfied, but thrilled, at the quality of your life! You'll feel at home and no longer experience homesickness because you'll have made your current home your new home!

If this resonates with you, let's connect! Fill out the form below to get your FREE 60-minute consultation call. We will talk about your specific situation currently and what a life you love looks like. Using that information, we'll tailor our Three-Step Method to you help you thrive living abroad.